Great Plainsman D2 Saber Grind Lava Flow Kyrinite Handles
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Great Plainsman with Lava Flow Kyrinite Scales. 


From LT Wright himself:

Our Great Plainsman will be your go to, every day carry knife.  Larger than the patriot in both handle and cutting edge, the Great Plainsman is a sidekick you can count on.  Overall length is 6.5” inches with a cutting edge of 2.75”.  We use 1/8” D2 on these knives for its semi-stainless, less to worry about attributes and its great edge holding ability.  The saber grind gives it plenty of stoutness behind the grind and we also keep the primary edge a sharpened convex for superior strength.  I would not hesitate to baton this little terror through an appropriate sized log if needed.  The forward positioned thumb ramp is a great feature that allows you to push cut and put that pressure a little closer to the middle of the cutting edge, as opposed to back by the front of the scales.  This gives you a little more control and makes it a powerful cutter.

  The Kyrinite scales are attached with brass pin stock and an industrial strength glue so the scales are held on with both a chemical seal and a mechanical element.  This scale material is the best balance of durability, traction, and when polished up, a very high quality look.   An oversized, brass lined lanyard tube rounds out the knife.  Our sheaths are all made by hand at JRE Industries, a well known maker of leather products for almost a decade.  A simple but sturdy belt loop gets the job done.




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LT Wright Great Plainsman Bushcraft Knife Fixed Blade Every Day Carry

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Great Plainsman D2 Saber Grind Lava Flow Kyrinite Handles

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