Karniboro Cleaver with Green Burlap over Nat/Grn/White CPM154
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Dylan Fletcher and USA Made Blade go back a long time.  We first met Dylan many years ago at Blade Show in Atlanta.  We have seen him grow from his apprentice days with Andy Roy and Fiddleback Forge to becoming a knife maker known around the world.  Dylan Fletcher believes in keeping things simple. The beauty and usability comes from simplicity. When knives and tools get complicated, they lose their usability and comfort.   USA Made Blade loves this concept, and we are proud to carry Fletcher Knives. 


This Karniboro comes with Green Burlap over Natural, Green and White Liners with Natural Pins and a Tapered Tang! 


Overall Length:  11.75 Inches

Cutting Edge:      7.00 Inches

Total Weight 15.8 Ounces

Made from 5/32nd CPM154Steel

Tapered Tang 


No Sheath Included 



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Karniboro Custom Knives Dylan Fletcher Cleaver Kitchen Knife











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Karniboro Cleaver with Green Burlap over Nat/Grn/White CPM154

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