Hinderer Brass Liner for Hinderer XM-18 3.5"
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This is a Brass Liner for the XM-18 3.5" model.  These fit all XM-18 3.5" models including the fatty and skinny.   These liners are not meant to be used with the bearings.  In order to use the brass or copper liners with the tri way pivot system you will have to swap to Teflon or Phosphor Bronze washers.    These come vacuum sealed to protect against patina before being added to the knife. 

This will replace the liner only of your XM-18 3.5.  Brass out your Hinderer and make it your own!  

Knife pictured with brass liner is not included! 


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  • Item #: XM-18 3.5 Brass Liner

Hinderer Brass Liner for Hinderer XM-18 3.5"

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