Hinderer Extreme Duty Pen Copper
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Copper Extreme Duty Pen from Hinderer Knives


The Extreme Duty pen is no ordinary pen. This pen was born from the need to have not only a quality writing instrument but also a tough, durable self-defense tool that you will have with you at all times. Check out these features that make this tool a must have for anyone who is concerned about discreet personal safety.


-Designed and manufactured using start of the art CNC and CAD-CAM Technology

-Properly placed traction grooves give a good firm grip when using pen in a CQB Mode.

-Overbuilt toughness designed to take any level of punishment

-Coarse threads used throughout for extra thread height which translates into a very strong tough thread able to take the punishment of hard strikes.

-Modular design so the user may add a multittude of end attachments to configure the pen however the person or mission distates. 

-Made from SPEC 3 Titanium

-Uses Fisher Space Pen Full size refills.


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Hinderer Extreme Duty Pen Copper

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