Kiritsuke Petty Ebony B&W
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Calvin Richardson began making knives in 2011 and is a current member of the Arkansas Knife Makers Association!   Growing up with an instense interest in Knives and Guns that interest changed over to maker.  He quickly grew on the knife making scene and has garnered attention from all with in the knife making community.  We at USA Made Blade are very excited to now offer his knives! 

From the Maker:

"The kiritsuke petty isn't designed as a specialist kitchen knife. It's for general all around use. It's just as good as cutting up smaller pieces of meat as it is working over vegetables. With plenty of curve to the blade, it will rock nicely, and the high, Wa inspired handle will keep your hand out of the way. The blade steel is 3/32" thick 52100 high carbon steel. While it requires more maintenance than a stainless blade, 52100 takes an unbelievable edge, and holds it very well. These are ground very thin, and come very sharp, so please, exercise caution."


These come with Calvins full lifetime guarantee.  If he cant fix it, He will replace it.  He will also sharpen them free of charge for life! 

The blade is made of 3/32 inch 52100 high carbon steel.  The handles are made of Black and White Ebony and have a Macassar ebony  ferule.   Overall length is 10 1/2 inches with a 5 1/4 inch cutting edge. 


No Sheath Included


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Kiritsuke Petty Ebony B&W

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