Limited Edition Makers Knife wth Makers Mark Barrel Handles
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The Makers Knife with Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel Handles Limited Edition is the newest creation from Nicholas Nichols Custom Knives.  This knife was made from a genuine Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel.  Nic then took it a step further and made a stand out of the left over Bourbon Barrel peices, touching it off with a wax seal of his Knife Makers logo.   This is a limited edition with 2 prototypes made and 45 serialized final knives.  Included with the Makers knife is a custom leather pocket style sheath and a Certificate of Authenticity with each knife.   This is a stunning knife that will happily handle everyday task, hard use, or look fantastic displayed with your Bourbon or Knife collection.  



Overall Length   6 3/4"

Cutting Edge   3.0"

1/8th thick Nitro-V Steel Blade

Knife Weight 3.0 oz.

Knife and Sheath Combined Weight 4.4 oz.


Serial Numbers will be assigned in the order they are received.   We will do a our best to match requested numbers but can not guarantee a specific number. 


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Limited Edition Makers Knife wth Makers Mark Barrel Handles

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