SOLD!  Valance Knives Custom Nocturne #54
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The new Valance Knives custom Nocturne.   We first spotted this knife at Blade Show 2021 and instantly fell in love.   The Nocturne has a design unlink anything we have seen in the industry.   With its sharp corners mixed with smooth rounded edges this knife just made us drool.  Open this knife with the front flipper, minimalist style rear flipper, or spydie flick it open.   It is fun to flip and a joy to use for all your EDC needs.  



Open – 7.5in / Closed – 4.4in

3.3in cutting edge blade in RWL 34 steel, 0.16in thick,

with flat-ground bevels.

Skiffmade 14 ball ceramic bearings

Lefty version available

Produced entirely in-house it is a 100% USA made product.





A minimalist frame-lock design with a timeless aesthetic and a contemporary, feature-packed execution.


In this design I set out to create a knife which I would never get tired of.


Flipper, Front-flipper, thumb and spidy-flicker


All these opening methods are efficiently integrated into this design without making any sacrifices.


Features a low profile, "vanishing" flipper tab- in closed position it does not protrude past the profile of the knife and shows mercy to your pocket. When the knife is open the flipper hides completely and does not prevent any part of the edge touch a cutting block.




-"Begg-style" pocket-clip with ceramic ball for maximum comfort. 


- Skiffmade 14 ball ceramic bearings


  • 22% increased blade support over caged bearings of same size

  • Improved ball pathing around pivot

  • Less pivot screw tightening required






  • Item #: Valance Nocture #54

SOLD! Valance Knives Custom Nocturne #54

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