Skeleton Key D2 Saber Grind with Kydex Sheath
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The LT Wright Skeleton Key in D2 with Black Kydex Lockable Sheath


Skeleton Key Description

The Skeleton Key will make a great every day carry (EDC) knife. This model is a very versatile knife. With its numerous sheath carry options, the ability to be used with no scales, the ability to mount your own scales, or para cord wrap the handle, this knife has almost infinite options for the user.

The Skeleton Key is made with eighth inch D2 tool steel. It will not only be nice and sharp right out of the box, it will hold that edge better than O1 and be more rust resistant. It comes with a handmade, friction fit Kydex sheath and includes a small Tek-Lok for attachment.

The holes in the knife add numerous advantages:

  1. Lighten the knife so it's not as cumbersome when carried on the neck.
  2.  Add traction to grip the knife.
  3. Allow water and mud to flow through, keeping the handle area cleaner.
  4. Lashing to a pole will be more solid.
  5. Allows scales to be mounted later, if desired.

With the provided Tek-Lok the Skeleton Key can be mounted on either side of the hip either on a belt or pack strap. Behind the back with either hand drawing is also possible. Or, remove the Tek-Lok completely and add some para cord for neck carry or for lashing it securely to your pack. The Skeleton Key, keep one on you at all times


Knife Specs: 

Overall Length: 6 1/2"
Sharpened Edge: 2.75"
Steel:1/8" D2
Grind: Saber
Other Features: Friction-fit Kydex sheath, thumb ramp, Tek-Lok, 8 lightning holes


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Skeleton Key D2 Saber Grind with Kydex Sheath

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