Spartan Blades Damascus Enyo with Leather Sheath
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Spartan Blades Damascus Enyo with leather sheath:


Enyo (i-nye-oh) - a fitting name for this neck knife, Enyo, was an ancient goddess of war, acting as a counterpart and companion to the war god Ares. This companion knife can be worn around the neck or in a pocket / inside the waist band (IWB). The Enyo’s design makes it a comfortable everyday carry fixed blade with great ergonomics. Enyo is perfectly suited for daily cutting tasks, and is always ready to assist the user. The form fitted Kydex sheath comes with a stainless steel neck chain, IWB loop and para-cord (2') for convenient carry options. Enyo lanyard includes a plated pewter Spartan helmet bead. 




Knife Name:  Enyo

Designer(s):  Iovito/Carey

Overall Length: 6 1/4"

Blade Length: 2 11/16"

Blade Thickness:  3/16"

Blade Steel:  Chad Nichols Damascus

Blade Style: Fixed Drop Point - this design allows for strength of the blade tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge.

Sheath: Leather with Black Spartan Helmet

Weight: 0.176 LBS (Knife)


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Spartan Blades Damascus Enyo with Leather Sheath

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