Wharnie Hinderer Half Track Gen 2 Red G10 SW Bronze Ti 20CV
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The new USA Made Blade Exclusive Hinderer Gen 2 Half Track with Tri Way Pivot System. 

The new Gen 2 Wharnie comes on bearings but gives you the choice of teflon or phosphor bronze washers so you can truly make it your own.  The Half Track Wharnie comes with a reverse angle to the blade allowing for greater slicing cuts with the blade able to make full contact all the way to the flat surface.  The angle also allows for incredible control when using the tip.   The handle is a half inch thick making for a great feel in the hand for a smaller size every day carry.   With one straight edge to sharpen and a handful of other great features, the Half Track Wharnie makes for the perfect every day utilitarian knife.  


This particular Wharncliffe Half Track has Red G10, Bronze Anodized Titanium and Stonewashed Blade.  The ti lock side is smooth. 

6.50' Overall Lenth

2.50  Cutting Edge Length

4.2 ounces total weight'

20CV Blade Steel


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Wharnie Hinderer Half Track Gen 2 Red G10 SW Bronze Ti 20CV

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